Decorative event lighting enhancements can greatly increase your overall visual experience as well as give your very special event a unique style that is all your own. Howe Eventful provides these popular decorative lighting enhancements at competitive pricing so that you are able to enjoy these enhancements without breaking the bank. We want your event to be special and we want it to be YOUR EVENT and YOUR STYLE.


Transform your event space into a unique personalized visual experience that will make the perfect backdrop to your event photos. Here are some affordable lighting packages that can be added to your DJ Entertainment, Photo Booth, or Silent Disco Packages.

Up-Lighting Decor Event Rental Colorado


Up Lighting is the most popular decorative event enhancement. It adds color to a room. It brings out special features and adds depth. You can match your event colors to make your event unique and special.

We provide modern top quality lighting and experience in placing them in specific locations within your venue space to get the maximum impact & experience. Sometimes “less is more” and placing them in each corner of the room is all that is needed. Sometimes, placing them behind a wedding head table makes the photos come out better. Whatever the best result is what we’ll do to assure you get what you envision for your special event.

Monogram gobo lighting decor event rental colorado


Imagine YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS! If you’re having a wedding, this is a very popular enhancement. If you’re having a corporate event, promotional event or product launch, imagine the logo in lights.

We can place a custom monogram image on almost any surface. The most popular is a wall but we’ve also placed them on the dance floor. Wherever you get maximum visual impact is best.

lighted cocktail table decor lighting event rental colorado


Under table lighting is a popular method creating a visually stunning event space. We provide modern wireless LED lighting technology that allows us to place a light under specific tables of interest without having any wires to get in the way. We can custom match the color to your specific event theme or design.

Popular uses for under table lighting might be your cocktail tables, the head table at a wedding. Perhaps your wedding cake table or other featured table of interest. It is best used in an indoor space where the lighting is controlled (low overhead room lighting to showcase the lighting enhancements).

accent table lighting wedding cake event party rental colorado


Accent and focus lighting is a great way to draw attention to a specific area of interest for a venue space or room that is set with low lighting. Some examples of accent lighting could be to put a subtle accent light on your wedding cake. This is recommended if you want your wedding space to be dimly lit for a romantic and elegant setting. 

Other popular uses for accent pin spot lighting could be to focus on a desert table, registration or gift table, beverage station (or bar), raffle item table. The list goes on. Anything that should have enough lighting to be noticed in a room with low lighting.

ceiling stencil design lighting event rental colorado


An effective way to create a unique space while enhancing the theme of your special event is textured stencil lighting. We can project specific stencil images on any solid surface like the ceiling of a tent or ballroom/reception hall, the walls of your venue or maybe as a backdrop to your head table or dance floor, perhaps on the dance floor itself!

Whatever your theme, we’ve got an image solution. Rustic leaves & branches, snowflakes, city scapes, abstract shapes, mountain ranges and more. We can provide you with a complete catalog of stencil images to choose from. 

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