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Our New Digital "Selfie" Halo Photo Booth

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience with our world-class photo booth. Guests create and share their photos and animated GIFs at these easy-to-use selfie stations. Simply tap, pose, and send the image to your phone to share on social media or to save for beautiful memories. Add your own personalized brand logo, or better yet we can design it for you! Friends and family on social media can see where all the fun is taking place with this amazing interactive experience.

Unlike the classic coin-operated photo booth, ours is a modernized portable version with digitalized high-quality images created from a professional halo light. Make entertaining images by adding unique filters, customizable graphics, and so much more.


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Photo Booth For Special Events

Photo Booth For Corporate Events

Photo Booth Rental For Business Branding

If you want to draw a crowd, grand openings are fantastic events for our photo booths! Customers will market your company for free on social media after sharing their photos with your branding. You can even set up a permanent installation at your location with our custom wall mount so that customers can have an exciting branded experience every day. To top it off, you can measure the event’s engagement with analytics and our optional data capture feature that gathers specific information from your customers such as their name, email and cell number for customer re-marketing.

Our photo booths are also excellent for corporate events. Employees and business partners can interact with one another in a fun and professional way, while posting their unique experiences on social media. If you’re going to have an event that occurs on multiple days, times and in different locations, we still have you covered by syncing your branded image across many of our digital photo booths. Our photo booths are located in many major cities in the U.S., but even if you’re somewhere else, we can always ship to you.

With a professional and friendly staff, we will handle everything for you from start to finish if need be! From set up to take down and drawing in customers to experience all the fun the photo booth has to offer, we will be with you every step of the way. However, you can also choose to have no attendant present and let guests interact with the photo booth themselves. Either way, customers are guaranteed to have a good time.