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I cannot stress this enough- Howe Eventful is AMAZING! Brian and his team were so flexible working with us. My original wedding DJ canceled on me just TWO days before the wedding and I was given Brian’s information by my venue coordinator. What a blessing it turned out to be. Brian was so quick to reach out and take time out of his busy, hectic summer day to meet with my fiancee and me to discuss all the details. He asked us how he could best personalize the day and made us feel like our wishes were important-not that we were just some other couple he was doing a favor. It was obvious from meeting with him just a day before our wedding that he was invested in our day. He has integrity and he cares about his clients and wants the best for them. This is something rare, in my opinion because many companies out there just want your money; to get in and get out, get the job done quickly and easily and get paid. NOT Howe Eventful. Because our situation was unique and we were all scrambling to get our ducks in a row, Brian attended our cocktail hour and help set up for the night. I was so impressed because not only did he have an event to DJ/MC for himself that night on the opposite side of town, but it was so last minute that we booked with him and he STILL took time out of his day to be there and ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. Words can’t express how much we appreciate Brian. Our DJ Sean was FANTASTIC. He was so patient with us too, even when some of our speeches went longer than anticipated. He helped guide my fiancee and me along to keep us on track-which was so helpful since we were not keeping track of time as we had planned to be. Music is so important at an event like a wedding and I can say that Sean did the best job we could have ever asked for. I received SO many compliments the night of the wedding, and weeks and months afterward too. He did a wonderful job reading the crowd and anticipating which music would get people dancing. I have been to many weddings before where people leave the dance floor and never re-enter. That was not the case with my wedding! People were glued to the dance floor, having a blast, dancing the night away to songs that my fiancee and I requested and songs that Sean did a great job of selecting to match the mood. I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. Brian and Sean, you both ROCK. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making such a huge contribution to the best day of our lives. To anyone who is considering reaching out to Howe Eventful-do yourself a favor and book with them!

Lanae Scherger

1 Year Ago

Like all the other reviews, Brian absolutely exceeded any expectations we thought we had for a DJ. I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. He completely made the evening smooth and professional by making sure we stuck to timelines and following the order of events we had. My family is Iranian so our schedule/events weren’t the typical American way of doing things and Brian was able to adapt to this perfectly. He checked in with us throughout the night to make sure things were going smoothly, but it never felt overbearing in any way. He also guided the people making toasts in how to hold the microphone taking into account the pictures that would be taken and told them not to worry about adjusting their volume, as he would adjust for them as they were talking. We gave him a playlist we wanted for dinner/happy hour which he completely honored, and for the dancing part he played all the songs we asked of him, followed the flow we wanted, and even had a plan for how we could make sure we ended the evening on time without it feeling abrupt. For our first dances we knew we didn’t want to use the whole song and he gave us a way to signal to him that we wanted him to end the song and he followed this perfectly so we were able to dance for what felt right. He was so caring and professional and made us feel like our voices were heard throughout the entire planning process through to the end of our amazing day. I cannot recommend him enough!!!

Anahita Khosravi

8 Months Ago

We absolutely LOVED our silent disco rental for our daughters birthday. It was the perfect way for us to celebrate in small pods and being COVID friendly. Thank you!

Kelly Seaton

3 Months Ago